4D THEATRON is Simuline’s total 4D Theater package that includes 4D motion chairs,
true 3D surround sound and cinema quality projection. Our motion chairs have several unique
built-in effects that provide a truly immersive 40 experience.
We have partnered with Barco, the leading cinema projector brand as well as Sonic Tier Audio,
developers of state-of-the-art 30.2 channel 3D sound. 40 THEATRON can be configured for any
sized space, from small -scale attraction theater to full 500+
seat halls.

– Ready-to-run package with complete AV system
– 3axis (OOFJ electric motion system
– Easy operation and easy maintenance
-Six builtn seat 40 effects
-Customizable to suit your budget and needs
– One year warrarty
We have the largest libray of 3D/4Dfilms.We work with top notch film prod.Jcersand distributors all
around the world toadd filmson a regular basis.
– Motion Chair
– Power requirement: 220V Single Phase 1KW/unit
Footprint (Unit Size): W 8.2 ft (2,500mm) x L 3.3 ft (1,000mm) (4 seats)
Floor Load: Varies according to configuration