i-Bowl Circus

Ladies and Gentlemen!
The iBowl Circus has arrived to make amazing strikes. Have fun with the balls and pins feats in this unique experience.


Exclusive game, with bright colors.

Modern design:
Approach and balls elevator with modern design, for higher safety and ergonomics.

+ Animation:
Exciting music and sound effects.

+ Fun:
22” LCD Screen offers great interactivity, including 3d animations after each frame for extra fun.

+ Lights:
Decorative panel with backlight and LEDs along the lane.

+ Possibilities:
Up to 6 players can have fun, with 10 plays per frame for each player.
Operated by coin, token or smartcard for easy collection, and prepared for redemption.

+ Quality:
Lane with phenolic synthetic laminates (as in the official lanes).


Lengh two modules: 4,70m (15′ 5 3/64”)
Lengh three modules: 7,30m (23′ 11 13/32”)
Width: 0,94 m (3′ 1 1/64″)
Height: 1,89m (6′ 2 13/32”)
127V/220V 50/60Hz

Container 20′: 4un
Container 40’N: 8un
Container 40’HC: 10un
*disassembled into machine module and lane modules