A fresh version for a classic game, make your strikes more fun with i-Bowl+!


Exclusive game, with bright colors.

Modern design:
Approach and balls elevator with modern design, for higher safety and ergonomics.

+ Animation:
Exciting music and sound effects.

+ Fun:
22” LCD Screen offers great interactivity, including 3d animations after each frame for extra fun.

+ Lights:
Decorative panel with backlight and LEDs along the lane.

+ Possibilities:
Up to 6 players can have fun, with 10 plays per frame for each player.
Operated by coin, token or smartcard for easy collection, and prepared for redemption.

+ Quality:
Lane with phenolic synthetic laminates (as in the official lanes).

Lenght two modules: 5,10m (200 25/32”)
Lenght three modules: 7,70m (303 5/32”)
Width: 0,94 m (37″ in)
Height: 1,89m (74 13/32”)
110V/220V 50/60Hz
Container 20′: 4un
Container 40’N: 8un
Container 40’HC: 10un
*disassembled into machine module and lane modules