Cine Coaster 360 VR

a new generation of ROLLER COASTER !!

Cinecoaster VR is the newest multidimensional XD cinema system that can simulate the most realistic roller coaster movements with the help of its 300 degrees vertical axis front / back spinning and rolling axis. Simulator is presented along with 4 seats cylindrical cabin, VR glasses and many special rider VR movie options.
With cinecoaster VR the users can imagine that a movie director taking them on an fantastic journey through a 360 degree narrative and feel the adrenaline rush thanks to its advanced motion technology.
• VH full HD movies fully synchronized to motions
• 360 degrees rotation & 20 degrees tilt angle
• impressive forces & enviormental effects of wind, vibration & tickle.
• VR movie images can be watched from two different screens in front
• extra safety with emergency buttons, safety belts, door switches & cabin camera
• comfortable entry & exit through automatic sliding motion stairs
• easy operator interface, cycle efficient, upto 120 cycles/480 tickets a day
• monophase 50/60 Hz power compatible with all networks in world
• remote maintanance & updates available trough internet

Motion Platform: 2 DOF Dynamic Platform
Power: Nominal : 5KW/H Peak : 7kKW/H
Voltage: 1 faz 220V / 50Hz -12A
Cabin Size: Width: 2500mm – Length: 4150mm – height: 2500mm
Without Cabinet Width: 1800mm – Length: 3800mm – Height: 2250mm
Weight / Static; 1500KG / 550KG/m2
Lighting: Enviornmental LED lines and Cabin lighting system
Seats: 5 point seatbelt SPARCO
Effect Module: Wind, Foot Tickle
Sound System: Surround Sound System 5.1 ve Amplifier
Display: 360 Full Gear VR Glasses
Outdoor Screens: 3D Full HD 32” LCD monitor (2 pieces)
Remote Access: Service interference infrastructure is available
Counting Module: Person Counter (Daily reporting via mail)