– Fun for all ages!
– Timing is the key! Follow the flippers to guide the ball in the direction you desire!
– Light one complete colored column and win that color bonus ticket!
– Kids & Family Friendly Design
– Charismatic LED Lighting Effect With Electrifying Music
– Simple & Easy, One Illuminating Button Play
– Powerful & Thrilling Ball Shooting Experience
– Exciting & Fun To Watch Zig-Zag Ball Movement Through Pins
– For Double Score, Aim The Ball To Pass Through Moving Target
– Accumulating Winning Makes It Addictive

STEP01. Insert coin(s);
Press button to shoot the ball
STEP02. Tickets are awarded when you make through a color hole
STEP03. Aim the ball to pass through moving target for double score
STEP04. Avoid black holes and keep your winnings
STEP05. Aim to light up all five lights in a column;
RED column will hit the JACKPOT !!!

Dimensions 992mm x 950mm x 2308mm