Finally… the game that’ll BLOW UP your cashbox!
Player stops the LIGHT WHEEL on INSTANT POP or on values that CRANK the AMAZING AIR PUMP and PUMP the BALLOON bigger and bigger until it contacts the SPINNING SAW BLADE below and POPS!
Spine tngling anticipation pays off with a loud exciting POP that keeps players running to play!
Tickets pay out with the pump zones and popping the balloon pays out the AMAZING 2-Player JACKPOT!
L.E.D. Lights.
No changing bulbs!
Operator Adjustable

[ S P E C I F I C A T I O N S ]

Dimensions Set Up:
77″ W (1956mm)
41″ D (1042mm)
93″ H (2362mm)

Dimensions Crated:
(2 boxes)
Side A
38″ W (970mm)
42″ D (1070mm)
93″ H (2362mm)
465 lbs. (210 Kg)

Side B
38″ W (970mm)
42″ D (1070mm)
93″ H (2362mm)
455 lbs. (206 Kg)