The best coin operated foosball you can buy. Tempered glass cover and playing field,
24mm popular plywood cabinet, and square anodized aluminum legs all contribute to
the extensive durability of this commercial foosball. Cabinet is finished in a durable
black plastic laminate and is built in two parts so it can be opened by a double lock
for easy access to the interior.
Complete with 5mm deluxe tempered and unbreakable glass playing field which provides
a very fast playing surface. 18mm telescopic rods are double chromium plated
steel with toughened springs complete with indestructible polyurethane plastic handles
and players. Available with a coin mechanism that can be adapted to either coins
or tokens. The table comes with 10 foosball balls.
Dimensions: 54” (135cm) length x 43” (110cm) width x 35.5” (90cm) height