_AM_7466• Tickets are now paid via a standard continuous ticket dispenser (NO SINGLE TICKETS TO DEAL WITH)

• Reduced footprint of the game, the rear box has now been removed allowing for game to be placed against the wall and simple to install.

• Front access loading for replacement of redemption tickets.

• Game play enhanced with a new improved Eye Of The Storm and LEDs lights. The player is challenged to calm for the storm by catching the FLYING DEBRIS and place into the Eye Of The Storm.

• 3 tier awards Silver, Gold and Platinum from 1-1000 can be set by the operator for the players to win. This is monitored by 3 sensors in the eye of the storm and is relevant to how much Debris the player catches and place in the Eye Of The Storm.

• Internal WIN LEVEL LED panel to show the player how they are doing and what awards they will receive at the end of the game.

• We now use a 2”x2” NO VALUE Flying debris ticket
o Helps the kids catch them due to increase in size
o Prevents them from trying to feed into redemption machines.
o We recycle the Debris at the start of the next game so no waste
o Machine still self-fills as requires

• Clear instructions on the outside of the machine informing the player how to play the game.

• HD edits show more of the game and players using the machine rather than branded edits.

• Attract Mode installed so when the game not been used it operates and shows the tickets been blown around inside the game.

• External exit button added, this will not operate unless the game is been played and must be held for 3 secs.

• New improved lightweight front door for operation.

• Still Fast and frenzy fun for all ages to enjoy!!!

There’s a storm coming!!!!!!!!