Use Bamm Bamm’s hammer to hit the targets!

The game features the famous whack-a-mole gameplay inspired by Bamm Bamm accessory. Use the hammer to hit the rising pins in the illuminated holes: when you hit, they add you bonus points.

Simple and intuitive for any player, ideal for children ages 3 to 10 years.

Exclusive Design:
Developed with the licencing division of Warner Bros., the largest movie studio in the world, and presents the biggest releases since the stone age! Transport yourself directly to Bedrock to have fun with the most famous family of the stone age!

+ Animation:
The interactive sound speakers will join you with the famous Bedrock family, with music and effects according to the gaming action and scores.

Lights show:
Super RGB LED color lighting.

LED displays:
Electronic displays show high score, score, time and credits.

+ Options:
Operated by coin/token/smartcard for easy collection, and ready for ticket redemption dispenser.
para redemption.

+ Mobility:
Adjustable leveling shoes and wheels for easy movement.

Eco Friendly:
Enters in standby mode to reduce power consumption.

Width: 0,67 m (2′ 2 3/8”)
Height: 1,12 m (3′ 8 3/32”)
Length: 0,63 m (2′ 51/64”)
Approximate weight: 52 Kg (114.4 lbs)
90V/240V 50/60Hz
Maximum power: 150 W / Average Power: 50 W