Have fun with Fred’s favourite game!

Are you ready to strike at Bedrock Bowl?


Exclusive Design:
Developed with the licencing division of Warner Bros., the largest movie studio in the world. The new exclusive version of bowling has an unique design with stone surfaces, as in Bedrock scenarios.

+ Interaction:
The 22” LCD Screen shows animations after each shot according to your score. The Flintstones will cheer every play with lots of fun and interactivity.

+ Animation:
Yabba Dabba Doo! Do you remember the famous catchphrase of Fred Flintstone? The interactive sound speakers will join you with the famous Bedrock family with music and effects according to the gaming action and scores.

+ Options:
Up to 6 players can have fun on the same match, with 10 shots for each player. Operated by coin/token/smartcard for easy collection, and ready for ticket redemption dispenser.
Pode ser operado por botão de créditos, fichas, moedas ou smartcard, e também é preparado para redemption.

+ Safety:
Approach and balls elevator provide more safety and ergonomics.

+ Quality:
Front panel with backlight. Lane made with phenolic synthetic laminates, as the official lanes.

Length two modules: 4,70m (15′ 5 3/64”)
Length three modules: 7,30m (23′ 11 13/32”)
Width: 0,94 m (3′ 1 1/64″)
Height: 1,89 m (6′ 2 13/32”)
Approximate weight two modules: 480Kg (1056 lbs)
Approximate weight three modules: 600Kg (1320 lbs)
127V/220V 50/60Hz
Maximum power: 1100 W / Average Power: 300 W

Container 20′: 4un
Container 40’N: 8un
Container 40’HC: 10un
*disassembled into machine module and lane modules