Go Go Pony’s Uniqueness
– English vocabulary learning: There are many word cards in scene and
players can control the horse to get and learn the vocabulary on the cards, which will be voiced
vocally in English.
– First type of game which includes link-up play: Both children and parents
can experience FUN together.
– With an art style which captivates children and along with cute vocals, it will make an
interesting experience for children.
– Most up to date wig-wag arcade machine and provides the smoothest gaming experience.

Features of Go Go Pony

– There are 8 fashionable horses appearances to choose from.
– An art style which attracts children.
– Provides link up battle mode so both children and parents can enjoy the experience together.
– Experience the joys of riding a horse with super smooth control.
– Learn English and Chinese words electronically while enjoying yourself.
– Abundant gaming elements, including obtaining items to increase score, and enjoy competition as
you compete to become the top jockey.
– Full vocal interactions.