Wacking games are a way of life in redemption centers and it’s a pretty good bet that they always will be — so if you’re going to whack something, why not whack a mean looking Shark with ICE Inc’s fantastic new Hammer Head game. An attractive piece, and fun game to play, Hammerhead offers operators a game that’s going to earn solidly for years to come — at a very affordable price. Don’t know how much more you could ask of a game, but if you do want more, this guy has been engineered to withstand just about anything short of a missile attack, is fully operator adjustable, and comes in a nice small footprint that makes it simple to place. Room for one of these in every redemption location !!!

Dimensions: 35″ x 26″ x 72″
Box Size: 35″ x 26″ x 75″
Shipping Weight: 300 lbs.
Power: 110V @ 3 amps