A freezing version of the i-Hoop Space, the i-Hoop Ice has the same gameplay and emotion.


Differentiated design:
Ice theme with vibrant colors and fun characters.

Informative LEDs:
Bright colorful LED’s indicate where to shoot the ball.
Super LED displays show credits (up to 255), time (up to 240 seconds), score and highscore (up to 9999).

+ Animation:
Exciting musics and sound effects.

+ Bonus:
Everytime you hit the ball inside the colorful enlightened holes you score 5 points. When hitting more than one in a row, it means 5 extra points for each hit. If you throw the ball in any other hole not lit with LED’s it means 1 point. When scoring 300, 500 and 800 points, the player gets 15 extra seconds.

+ Possibilities:
Operated by coin, token and smartcards for easy collection, and prepared for redemption.

+ Practical:
Integrated wheels for easy transportation.

+ 6:
Greatfor ages 6 and up.

Length: 2,25m (7ft 4 37/64in)
Width: 0,90m (2ft 11 7/16in)
Height: 2,01m (6ft 7 9/64in)
Weight: 155kg (341 lbs)
90-240 V / 50/60 Hz

Container 20′: 10un
Container 40’N: 20un
Container 40’HC: 20un
*disassembled grids, sides and tower