Ladies and Gentlemen! The iBowl Circus has arrived to make amazing strikes. Players can play individually or take turns to try their luck at hitting a strike. Each player is given 10 frames of one shot each frame to earn the highest score. Up to 6 players can play. Enjoy all amazing feats the balls and pins will do in this unique experience….because the circus has arrived!!!

Approach and balls elevator for higher safety and ergonomics. A circus theme overlay featuring bright colors and fun circus characters. The bowling lane is produced with phenolic synthetic laminates (just like our Imply Official lanes), for long lasting durability and continuous gameplay. Available in either a 25ft or 16ft lane.

Upbeat music and sound effects.

Display Lighting:
22” LCD Screen offers great interactivity, including 3d animations after each frame for extra fun.

Game Lighting:
Decorative panel with backlight and LEDs along the lane.

16ft Bowling Lane: 200 inches
25ft Bowling Lane: 303 inches
Width: 37 inches
Height: 75 inches
Voltage: 110V/220V 50/60Hz