ICE Ball FX Alley Roller comes with a LED Cabinet and Shot Rim Lighting Package,
along with a remarkable number of game features, ranging from electronics strategically
placed in the front of the game instead of the back, making access easier – And
changing the ticket settings, number of balls per play or bonus balls is all right at the
front of the game. And ICE Ball FX uses a superior, heavy-duty vinyl coating for the
alleyways, which is both attractive, long-lasting and easy to clean.
Optical sensors are used for scoring in the target area, instead of problem-prone
microswitches. Operators can adjust point scoring levels with the push of a button.
And replenishment of tickets is fast and easy with a slide out ticket drawer. Even the
alley balls are unique, taking on the appearance of actual “balls of ice”, which are
made of a very durable and easy to clean polypropylene plastic.