1. The world’s best double water jet game, ABSOLUTELY KIDS FRIENDLY& NON-VILOENT redemption game. Wash off & eliminate all the nasty zombies to get more tickets .
2. In game VARIOUS play zombie theme, interesting compelling game content, become the children play without getting tired of the game.
3. Gun feature-rich, not only has a powerful water jet power , but also by a plurality of water exit holes. Flood when the game got props or two gun cursor to the water column from the time before they resorted to more emission super cool gaming experience.
4. First configure inline Polar ice cold mist function. When the game got props flood, the water column from the hair is not only more functional, but also in front of the screen misty white smoke discharge, can be described as the spot to experience more real.
5. Games is equipped with the industry’s first disinfection system, without changing the water, safe and reliable! One day will be the only income can be up to one thousand game coin of water jet machine.

Dimension: 2362 Width x 1100 Depth x 2112 Height
Weight: 300 Kgs