I-Jump Street

The players always want something new in the favorite styles of fun. That is why we created iJump Street, a street basketball in an unique version.


‘Street’ theme with exclusive graphic designs.

+ Animation:
Siren signals the beginning and end of each phase.
Powerful speakers in ‘Boombox’ style filled with exciting music and sound effects.

+ Fun:
Basket that moves vertically in 3 height levels, providing more challenge.

+ Bonus:
Gameplay including 3 phases and extra points, more exciting than ever.

+ Interactivity:
Multiplayer button to challenge your friends: makes the game more competitive by linking it with other machine.

Informative displays:
2 bars of bright lights in the tower: to indicate the remaining points to the next phase and the remaining time to end the phase.

Exclusive Display:
Super LED display on the tower show the score, high score and messages to the players about score and phases.

+ Options:
Operated by coin, token or smartcard for easy collection and prepared for redemption.


Length: 2,17m (7ft 1 7⁄16in)
Width: 0,98m (3ft 2 37⁄64in)
Height: 2,73m (8ft 11 31⁄64in)
Weight: 284Kg ( lbs)
90V-240V / 50-60Hz

Container 20′: 8un
Container 40’N: 18un
Container 40’HC: 18un
*disassembled sides