Milk Jug Toss represents that all time classic Carnival “Ball Toss” style game play.

A beautifully designed cabinet that reflects its “Travelling” roots, the machine features a large traditional “Milk Jug” for the big points target and two levels of secondary targets for the player to score additional points, and what do points make?……..TICKETS!

The game play is naturally both challenging and fun. During extensive testing, repeat play was demanded by 90% of players, always a good sign, and remember, cream always rises to the top!!”

Ticket redemption
Midway style cabinet
Over 50 sound effects
Backlit back and LED lit targets
Hinged play field for easy maintenance
Durable cabinet design

D2990mm W870mm H2740mm
D108″ W118″ H35″


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D915mm W1170mm H2565mm
D36″ W46″ H101″

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D915mm W815mm H2185mm
D36″ W32″ H86″