Mega Octoscore Ticket Redemption
Wheel Game – GIANT-Sized Cabinet
that is 12 Feet Tall ! (with Optional Game Marquee) – This giant-sized version of the standard model Octoscore is again a very striking and attractive
arcade “centerpiece” ticket redemption
wheel game with huge appeal to players of all ages, from kids to adults ! Players try to skillfully spin the very brightly colored and very brightly lit
wheel in order accumulate points, and can play from 1 to 8 games (at a cost of 1 credit per game) at a time by pushing from 1 to 8 of the (8) buttons on the center control panel, and then also get a chance to win he progressive ticket Jackpot bonus ! To play Oct-O-Score, players first press the flashing Start Button, then pull the flashing “Skill Spin” Lever to begin the wheel spin. Then while the wheel around and around, players then pull the flashing “Skill Stop” Lever to slow the spinning wheel, then pulls the Skill Stop Lever once again to try to stop the wheel on one of the “big points” sections!