Mini Rider 3D Motion Simulator Attraction Ride
The new Mini Rider 3 is a compact two-seat simulator ride that comes with a new and improved 46″ HD Display and a 5DOF from a DOF motion system, which is small enough to fit into a regular double door, yet has a ride motion superior to any other !

The Mini Rider 3D’s 4D Special Effects + Large 46″ HD Widescreen Monitor increase the sense of speed and realism of the ride – The new Mini Rider 3 is a must have attraction for all FEC’s, malls, arcades and theme parks !

Passenger can choose from four (4) different rides, and other great ride films are available at affordable prices! With its inverted motion system, the new Mini Rider 3D produces a very dynamic and exciting motion ride, and with its virtually maintenance-free construction, coin-operated operation and no attendants needed for use, the Mini Rider 3 is proven to have one of the fastest Returns On Investment (ROI), plus the highest revenue per floor space for any motion ride attraction currently on the market ! Assuming you charge $2.00 per ride, this ride makes about $26,880 per month, or $322,560 a year, and it takes about 6 – 8 months on average for a full return on your investment – Fantastic stats for any theatre ride !

Mini Rider 3 incorporates many rider safety features like seatbelts, door sensors and area sensors. along with its rigid outside ride fence enclosure, which makes the Mini Rider 2 inherently safer than other ride simulators because of its “hanging” configuration. Also, the cabin is set much closer to the ground and it doesn’t require boarding steps.

Mini Rider 3D Motion Simulator Ride Features :

▪ Coin Operated Motion Simulator -No Attendant Required !
▪ Fastest Return On Investment (ROI) For Any Motion Ride!
▪ Comes with (4) Ride Films Included, With More Available
▪ Realistic “Face Wind” Enhances Sense Of Rider Speed
▪ “Semi-Open” Cabin (From Back) Attracts The Crowds !
▪ 4D Ride Effects Maximize The Mini-Rider Experience
▪ Super Crisp 46″ Widescreen PDP HD Display Monitor
▪ Patented lnverted 3 DOF Motion Ride System with
5DOF Dynamic and Realistic Ride Movements !
▪ Virtually Maintenance-Free Ride Design !
▪ One (1) Year Mini-Rider Factory Warranty
▪ Standard Single Phase Power Consumption
▪ No Anchoring Means Easy Ride Relocations !
▪ Safety Features : Protective Fence, Entrance Gate,
Seat Belts, Cabin Door, Proximity and Foot Sensors
▪ Eye-Catching Exterior Ride Design / Semi-Open Cabin !
▪ Certifications : UL, CE, PSE, FCC, EK, ADIPS