A MONSTER of a game!

Time the drop of the high energy ball so it falls through the JACKPOT, the MYSTERY VALUE, or TICKET WIN VALUES…

Even if you miss, the ball bounces and careens around before dropping in a hole, so you WIN EVERY TIME!

If a ball drops in an ADD BONUS BALL hole, balls are reserved until, if you make it in a DROP BONUS BALLS hole, it’s a MULTI-PLAY extravaganza!

Bounce a ball up onto the platform and into the MONSTER JACKPOT hole and
win a huge 2-player cumulative JACKPOT!

Individual & 2-player cumulative Jackpots.
Long-life L.E.D lighting and dynamic sound.
Standard 18,000 Capacity Ticket Drawers.

Standard Intelli-Triple Ticket Dispensers.
Operator adjustable game parameters.

1-Year “Top to Bottom…
Front to Back… It’s All Covered” Warranty.

[ S P E C I F I C A T I O N S ]
Dimensions Set Up:
67″ W (1702mm)
40.25″ D (1023mm)
93″ H (2363mm)

Dimensions Crated:
(2 pallets + 1 box)
Each Pallet:
38″ W (966mm)
41″ D (1042mm)
92” H (2337mm)
Crated Weight: 435 lbs. (198 Kg)
22.5″ W (572mm)
60″ H (1524mm)
12” D (305mm)
Crated Weight: 41 lbs. (19 Kg)

20 pallets (10 games) fit on a 40′ HC container, boxes stacked among the pallets.