If you believe that fun makes the difference in bowling, we created the attraction you want. We developed the Imply® Bowling with the highest technologies in entertainment. All designed to give you a new experience playing bowling. With the fusion of our know-how of the world market and creative ideas, Imply® Bowling combines several reasons to offer a cheerful way of making many strikes.


Terrestrial Multi Functions Terminal:
With a bold slim design, it’s LCD Touchscreen exempts the use of a keyboard, allowing the players to access all the lane control functions through simple touches on the screen.

Overhead LCD’s:
The 32” flat Overhead LCD’s display the score and 3D animations for more fun at each shot!
They also can display TV/DVD images, and custom messages, to recognize happy hour groups, congratulate a customer on a special occasion, promote advertisement and events, and other promotions.

Publicitary Panels:
Shown during pins resetting and when the lanes are closed, are a place of great visibility for all players. You can rent the panels for advertisement, generating an extra income.

Automatic Bumpers and Integrated fault line:
Allows children and new players to have an option that makes the ball avoid the gutters, being much easier to play!
Allows an individual configuration for each player, providing more security.

Official Lanes:
With high resistance, Imply® lanes remain looking like brand new for several years of continuous use. The official dimensions (ABC – American Bowling Congress), official balls and pins in various weights and glow neon colors, use globally recognized standards.

Bright Bowling:
With the Bright Bowling Effects, the Imply lanes are literally turned into a show of colors, lights and music. The special inks and neon pigments present on the equipment components interact with the black lights, resulting in a great glow in the dark attraction. To maximize the effect, can be used color dancing lights, strobo lights, laser, smoke effects, and
others. This effect creates a contagious ambient increasing the fun among players, and the time they spend at the bowling.

Bowling Lounge Furnitures:
Designed specially for the Bowling business, this concept creates a casual atmosphere with greater comfort for your customers. Thus, they can relax while waiting their turn to play, in a perfect setting for drinks and snacks. This means greater satisfaction to the public, and more profitability for the bowling. Available in various colors and models offer combinations for different decorations.

Easy Operation: Management Central
The lanes are easy to keep, require minimum maintenance and low operation costs. With focus on the durability, are manufactured with the best materials for high use flows. The Imply® equipment is recognized with CE, following international quality standards.

All the technology can be controlled by the Central through a software with user friendly graphical interface that allows custom management of occupations and income generated by the lanes and other equipment, offering different financial reports. With our management system on the Internet (optional), you have access to your bowling information any day of the week, 24 hours a day and most importantly, from anywhere. Stop wasting time with spreadsheets and complicated systems. We will facilitate your management without complication. You can see the income of each lane or all of them, can see in real time which are the open lanes and many other useful information. Offers total control to manage the images and messages displayed on the lane monitors, set different prices for specific days and times, holidays, tournaments, birthdays, happy hours, special promotions, among others; reservate lanes, print reports of each game scores, register customers with their data and preferences, among other options.

Imply helps you to create your project:
We will provide the best solution for your Bowling, meeting any budget with a custom project especially for you. Our team will assist you with ideas and suggestions for your project and building, as well as useful guidelines to increase the positive experience of your customers. With our wide experience developing and operating other Family Entertainment Centers around the world, we are your partners to maximize your results.

+ Advantages:
You can count with our worldwide experience to assure high investment returns and to make your investment a success.
CE Certification, following international norms and standards of quality;
Manufacturer Warranty;
Technical support from our highly qualified team;
International Distributors Network;
Imply® Equipments are developed to require minimum maintenance and low operating costs.

Players area: 4,00 m (13′ 1 ½”)
Approach: 4,61 m (15′ 1 ½”)
Lane: 19,17 m (62′ 10 3/4″)
Trim: 1,73 m (5′ 8″)
Total: 29,5 m (96′ 9 4/5″)

1 lane: 2,02 m (6′ 7 ½”)
2 lanes: 3,45 m (11′ 3 4/5″)
3 lanes: 5,48 m (17′ 11 7/10″)
4 lanes: 6,89 m (22′ 7 1/5″)
5 lanes: 8,92 m (29′ 3 1/10″)
6 lanes: 10,33 m (33′ 10 7/10″)
7 lanes: 12,36 m (40″ 6 3/5″)
8 lanes: 13,77 m (45′ 2 1/10″)
9 lanes: 15,80 m (51′ 10″)
10 lanes: 17,21 m (56′ 5 ½”)