Penalty Shot – Become the next soccer phenomenon,
as you get ready and take aim at Andamiro’s Penalty Shot. This computerized indoor soccer ball kicking game brings an energetic and compelling excitement to every location !

When players kick the soccer ball that is attached to a patent spring system, they will experience the true magnitude of an epic kick without jeopardizing safety! Players would not have to worry about kicking a metal machine accidently but they will be able to concentrate
on the ball. Vivid graphic displays of players scores are portrayed after each kick, and when a previous a high
score is beat, a bonus play is granted to the winner !

Penalty Shot DX is brilliantly designed with energetic
colors and splendid LED lighting system that delivers
an uncompromising, charismatic presence in any environment. With it superb sound quality and attractive decor, Penalty Shot DX offers players the experience of
a glory which only real soccer superstars experience !