POP IT EXTREME. The concept is simple and beautiful.
The object of the game is to stop the spinning pointer on the “ Instant Balloon
Pop” red marker and win the Jackpot. If you miss the red target and
land on either side, you will win tickets and “ADD AIR” to the balloon.
Pump enough air into the balloon and it POPS and you win the jackpot.
Walk away and the next player wins .

W-137 D-137 H-335 CM
Dimensions Set Up
11′ Version:
11′ H (3353mm)
54″ D (1372mm)
54″ W (1372mm)

Dimensions Set Up
8.5′ Version:
8.5′ H (2591mm)
54″ D (1372mm)
54″ W (1372mm)