SKATE ROLLER – Here’s the latest, most astounding MPGroup project, created to bring you all the excitement you’re looking for and can’t get enough of!!!Skate Roller is not just a kiddie ride, not just a simulator, but a genuine gateway to a world of entertainment and fun.Against an urban background, you’ll be able to perform all the most famous skateboarding freestyle figures.The Skate Roller system, composed of accurate electric sensors with assisted steering, coupled with the fantastic sphere joint patented and created by MPGroup, along with the wide 26inch screen and the amazing urban setting make this top-notch kiddie the absolute Must of the year 2013!!!MPGroup takes you on a ride to explore the boundaries of imagination and fun, allowing you to experience, in complete safety, all the excitement and emotions of a true skater, in just a few square meters!!

Cod. K0507
Dim. cm 108x230x112
Weight Kg 150