TurboToons™ is a brand new, coin-operable children’s
motion rider system that offers a safe and fun ride for all children.
Designed to stand out from other kiddie riders, TurboToons™ comes equipped with a large 24” screen,
motion that matches the on-screen action.

TurboToons™ is all the fun of Simuline’s
thrill rides in a kid sized package.

Cutting edge 2 axis (D.O.F) electric motion base system is designed for crisp and smooth response.
In addition, our motion platform perfectly syncs with on-screen action and sound. No other kiddie
rider provides such technology with advanced and precise motioncontrol.
TurboToons™ provides eye-catching and vivid 24’ Full HD LED Display that
every passenger becomes fully immersed in the environment and extends the joy of amazing entertainment experience.

W-966 D-1632 H-1358 MM