Winners Ringer incorporates an extremely addictive a nd simplistic game play.
The advanced 3D Physical Engine will give players the feel of realistic skill prize redemption game, rather than a video imitation.
Players will experience realistic 3D objects and vibrant movements while playing the game.
With its captivating digital music, highly gratifying gameplay and mesmerizing looks, this game will prove to be a big moneymaker in any location.

– Really simple and intuitive game to play- LED Lighting For Charismatic Look !
– Big & high value prizes can be used in the game
– Payout stability is attained by using reliable high tech system
– Players have choice to pick between minor and MAJOR prizes
– Game of skill, Easy to maintain, Suitable for all ages
– Advanced technology system is used in designing this game.
We use Physx 3D physical engine from NVIDIA and apply full screen with HD resolution.
– Prize hangers are detachable, which allows of prize sizes up to 12″L x 12″W x 4″H

Dimensions 984mm x 855mm x 1902mm
38.74″ x 33.66″ x 74.88″
Box Size 1140mm x 790mm x 2150mm
44.88″ x 31.10″ x 84.65″
Shipping Weight 225kg / 496 lbs
Power 400W